Client Testimonials


The tools you give out are incredibly helpful. I still remember some of the things you showed me like what it really means to say “fine” in response to being asked how you are doing. I’ve only sought counseling once since leaving Nacogdoches. This year after the unexpected death of a close friend I really felt I had no choice. It is incredibly difficult to find a good counselor in Dallas. There are counselors on every corner but as you google and work through ones you feel will be a fit its amazing how many are not taking any new clients. I found one I thought would work and only saw him 3 times. I felt like all he did was listen to what my struggle was and regurgitate it to me. This is acceptable in the beginning I suppose but I remember from day 1 even as you were getting to know me you were giving me tools and things to work on. I still remember things you drew out and “homework” you have me to work through. That is what I was looking for. So whether or not I ever get to a comfort level to publically give feedback, know that you are doing it right. I’m sure you have some that don’t participate or don’t respond and that is ok because what helps one doesn’t help another but you helped me and I wish I could find your equivalent in this huge city.

– Anonymous