About Joe

Joe McCracken, licensed professional counselor (LPC), licensed professional counselor-supervisor (LPCS), and board certified professional counselor (BCPC) bases the treatment standards of McCracken Counseling and Associates  (MCCA) on the belief that in most cases individuals have the capacity and potential to change the direction of their lives if they choose to.  Although some situations are beyond one’s control, individual choices in response to those circumstances are not.  With this in mind, MCCA offers cognitive-based individual services that provides guidance for people who want to find their way to improved decision making.  Or, perhaps they just need some help navigating through clinical conditions like anxiety, depression, and/or behaviors associated with various types of personality disorders, or life adjustments.

In either case, the cognitive-based therapeutic (CBT) approach identifies faulty or problematic thinking patterns that influence feelings and choices then seeks to help clients correct those patterns as means to a more empowering and emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Joe has twenty years of counseling experience.  His area of expertise includes treating adults with mood disorders, depression, anxiety, anger management and couples counseling.  Joe also specializes in treating children and adolescents with ADHD, conduct and oppositional disorders.

Child Custody Evaluations:  Joe McCracken conducts child custody evaluations in Nacogdoches, Angelina, and surrounding counties.  These evaluations are only done with a signed court-order appointing him to conduct an evaluation, and Mr. McCracken follows the guidelines presented in the Texas Family Code, Section 107.051, related to Child custody evaluations.  Child custody evaluations are conducted to assist the court in determining the best parenting plan for children in the midst of contested litigation within family law cases, and these evaluations are forensic in nature.   It is important to note that the assessments of families is a difficult process for the parents and the children who must undergo an evaluation, and the evaluation process can be lengthy and quite taxing on the parties involved.  In addition, at the conclusion of an evaluation, one, if not both parties, can be disappointed in the assessment and/or the final recommendation since it can often be hard to examine one’s own behavior and areas in need of improvement.  However, Mr. McCracken works to ensure that each child custody evaluation is thorough and that he has reviewed any and all information that either party has requested for him to review within the parameters of policies and procedures.  The primary goal is to assist parents in renegotiating their lives and their home environments after a difficult divorce; while also assisting the court in creating a final parenting plan for the child or children in question when parents are unable to resolve their own dispute.

Joe McCracken attended college at Stephen F. Austin State University:

1989 – Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Criminal Justice

1993 – Master’s Degree in Education-Specialty in Counseling

Joe is licensed through the State of Texas as:

Licensed Professional Counselor – Texas

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor – Texas

And Joe is a proud member of these organizations:

American Psychotherapy Association

Texas Counseling Association

Texas Mental Health Counselors Association

Texas Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts